August 6, 2012

Bobby Darin case

Case details : Bobby Darin

''I want to make it faster than anyone has ever made it before. I'd like to be a legend by the time I'm 25.'' ( Bobby Darin )

general : Legendary entertainer Bobby Darin had a wide range of talent. Darin rose from poor beginnings in Harlem and the South Bronx.

confusion about his roots : The child of a single mother, he was brought up believing that his grandmother Polly was actually his mother and that his birth mother was his older sister. This ruse prevailed until Darin was an adult. When he learned the truth, his response was an unwavering rage.
His grandfather Saverio Anthony Cassotto died in prison from narcotics withdrawal seven months before son was born.

health issues / short life expectancy  : He fought rheumatic fever when he was about eight years old, which damaged his heart and plagued him throughout his life He soon became aware of a doctors' diagnosis to a family member that he would not live long, perhaps into his teens or with luck to the age of thirty at the very outside.

extremely ambitious :  As a result of these obstacles, he worked extremely hard to overcome them. Knowing his life would not be a long one, his ambition to succeed was fueled by an overwhelming desire to make it big in show business.

attitude towards his family :  He was cruelly indifferent to his own family, who scraped and sacrificed to give him music lessons. His moods could turn on a dime, lifelong loyalties could be instantly dissolved; his temper tantrums were explosive.

                                                       Bobby Darin's natal chart

                 Date      | Orcus |  Ixion | Varuna | Haumea |     Quaoar |   Makemake |  Eris | Sedna |
        12 May 1936 | 4 ge 21 | 0 li 48 Rx | 12 ar 4 | 7 le 22 | 19 vi 3  |  4 cn 44 | 3 ar 48 | 18 ar 51

From Astro-Databank,,_Bobby , source: Birth Certificate (Rodden Rating: AA)

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