May 27, 2013

Correlations between the United Kingdom (1801) natal chart and the event chart of the Woolwich Attack

On the afternoon of 22 May 2013, Lee Rigby, a British Army  soldier and a Drummer of the Royal Regiment of Fusilier, was killed by two attackers near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, south-east London...Two men ran him down with a car, then used knives and a cleaver to stab and hack him to death. The men then dragged Rigby's body onto the road. The two attackers, who remained at the scene until police arrived, told passers-by that they had killed a soldier to avenge the killing of Muslims by the British military. Armed police arrived at the scene 14 minutes after initial emergency calls, shot both the assailants, apprehended them, and took them to separate hospitals.... The attack was condemned by political and Muslim leaders in the United Kingdom and in the worldwide press...

 ...The attack took place shortly before 14:20 in Wellington Street, near its junction with John Wilson Street...He was off duty at the time and reportedly wearing a Help for Heroes T-shirt. He is believed to have been deliberately run down by the assailants in a car, then attacked and killed by the two men, who were armed with knives and a cleaver. After killing him, they attempted to behead him...They reportedly danced over the body and one of the men asked passengers on a bus to take photographs of him. One of the assailants made a statement about his justification for the attack, which was captured on video by a witness at the scene:

video 1 : Footage from the Woolwich Terrorist Attack UK Woolwich Attack 22/5/2013

video 2 Attackers "Urged Passersby To Film Incident"

....The assailants remained at the scene and asked bystanders to call the police. The Metropolitan Police received a distress call at 14:20. Unarmed police arrived at 14:29, set up a cordon, and remained behind it; armed police arrived at 14:34. The assailants charged at the police, one brandishing a machete and the other a gun, and the police fired eight shots, wounding both men. A gun, knives, and a machete were seized at the scene. Rigby was later pronounced dead.

sourcewikipedia : 2013 Woolwich attack

additional information : the Guardian : The latest news and comment on the Woolwich attack

the Telegraph : terrorism in the United Kingdom

                                             the Woolwich Attack : event chart

           Date |           Orcus |    Ixion |        Varuna |      Haumea |     Quaoar |    Makemake |    Eris |      Sedna |
    | 18 May 2013 | | 3 vi 1 | 20 sa 15 Rx | 23 cn 48 | 18 li 52 Rx | 25 sa 1 Rx | 27 vi 55 Rx | 22 ar 38 | 23 ta 32

                                             main planetary pictures 

                      AS= (MC) = JU=SA=SU/UR=SU/PL=UR/NE=NE/PL


Notes A - Jupiter in Gemini in prominent position. Intense activity in the sign of Gemini, ( possible connection with the obvious attempt of the assassins to gain publicity and spead their ''message'' to the masses)

B- Both tr. Saturn and Neptune trigger the degrees where the last two Lunar Eclispes took place. Transiting Saturn is moving over the placement of the Lunar Eclipse of April ( 5 Sco 46 ) and tr. Neptune over the placement of May's Lunar Eclipse ( 4 Sag 08 ).

C-  tr. Mars conjuncts tr. Sedna 

D-  exactness of the Uranus - Pluto transiting square  
                                                       the Woolwich Attack : 90 degree dial

Correlations between the United Kingdom 1801 chart ( the Union of Great Britain with
Ιreland ) and the chart of  the Woolwich Attack.

inner circle : the 1801 United Kingdom chart - middle circle : secondary progressions for the date of the Woolwich attack - outer circle : transits for the date of the event

source : cosmo-BioLOGy : United Kingdom, January 1, 1801 Greenwich, 00:00:01 am 

 inner circle : the 1801 United Kingdom 90 deg dial natal chart - middle circle : 90 deg dial chart for secondary progressions of the date of the Woolwich attack - outer circle : 90 deg dial of transits for the date of the event.


Notes :  1 - progressed Mars - Pluto opposition across the 6th/12th house axis  in the signs of Virgo-Pisces formΙΝΓ 8th harmonic series aspects ( semisquare/sesquisquare)  to the natal Moon in the United Kingdom's chart. ( Notice critical the placement of natal Chiron. )

2 - transiting Neptune moving in the 6th degree of Pisces near the 6th house cusp activates the above mentioned progressed/natal configuration.

3 - second activation of the above mentioned configuation by the Lunar Eclipse of May 25th at 4 Sag 08

4- transiting Saturn placed near the natal 2nd house cusp of the United Kingdom's chart forms hard aspects to the progressed placements of the Sun-Moon-Venus and Mid heaven. Notice the effect of the April 25th Lunar Eclipse  at 5 Sco 46.

5 - strong correlation between the main planetary picture in the event chart ( AS= (MC) = JU=SA=SU/UR=SU/PL=UR/NE=NE/PL ) ) and the configuration mentioned in the note no 4.

6 - transiting Mars squares the United Kingdom's natal Saturn.

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