planet Varuna by RageofAchilles

Varuna is a large classical Kuiper belt object. It previously had the provisional designation 2000 WR and has been precovered in plates dating back to 1953. The IAU has not classified it as a dwarf planet, but Brown and Tancredi consider it likely to be one, and Tancredi (2010) thinks that Varuna is very probably a dwarf planet.

 source :  wikipedia : 20000 Varuna

astrology of Varuna

Varuna :'' Angel or Demon'' by Denis Kutalyov

Varuna by Eric Francis

mythology of Varuna

Hindu God Varuna

God Varuna: The God of Rain and Sky

                                 Rohit Arya_ Sacred India Tarot#Creating the Justice card

VARUNA, the Vedic Lord of Justice  – Varuna is derived from var – to cover.  Varuna therefore is he who covers the Universe.  In so doing, he is upholding and preserving Ritha, cosmic law as well as cosmic inevitability, a concept both superior and anterior to Dharma.  We will try and send you one of the rare sculptures of Varuna.  He should be a blazing figure of light, erect and tall, with the vast expanse of the Universe behind him.  Since he is both a Sky God as well as Lord of the Waters, that aspect should be sought to be conveyed.  In his right hand should be the famous Varuna-Pasha, the noose of Varuna that drags the unrighteous to their doom...


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