September 18, 2012

Case of Autism ( Sophie )

French autistic child. There was practically no structure in France for autistic children and the doctors are unable to care for them. In cases of severe crisis the children are confined in psychiatric wards. Sophie's mother, Jeanne-Marie had promised to her daughter that this would never happen to her...

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Préfaut spares no details of how difficult life with Sophie is. Sophie is aggressive and destructive, not toilet-trained, speaks little and that repetitively, screams (“hurle”) much, paces and moves around the house constantly, never sleeps, is only soothed by rides in the car. Sophie is the fourth of five daughters; her father, Christian, is a doctor and Jeanne-Marie a teacher...Sophie had been hospitalized for four months at a psychiatric facility, “le pavilion 20,” in the spring and summer of 1992 where she was treated with various drugs (including neuroleptics and anti-psychotics) and electroshock therapy (“sismothérapie,” p. 80) and confined to her own room, behind bars. She is brought home in a state of near-paralysis (“reduced to the state of a doll [une poupée],” p. 89; her hands are crooked like the neck of a swan) and at first improves, then again has seizures and becomes increasingly violent. When her father suggests that they again consider sending Sophie to “le pavilion 20,” Préfaut refuses to have her placed “behind bars,” in a place where no one helps to clean Sophie up after she soils herself and the walls of her room:
“Je suis sa mère ………. Il est temps de la soulager. Et si cela doit me conduire, moi, derriére les barreaux, qu’importe. Il y aura au moins une raison, un sens. Et Sophie sera en paix.” (p. 248).[I am her mother ............ It is time to comfort her, And if this should lead me, me, behind bars, no matter. There will at least be a reason, an explanation. And Sophie will be in peace.]

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                                                       Sophie's ( autistic child) natal chart


             Date |       Orcus |       Ixion |     Varuna |    Haumea |     Quaoar |     Makemake |     Eris |     Sedna |
       28 Feb 1971 | 19 cn 27 Rx | 5 sc 47 Rx | 0 ge 5 | 9 vi 45 Rx | 2 sc 32 Rx | 13 le 48 Rx | 11 ar 58 | 1 ta 23 |

From Astro-Databank,,_Sophie , source: Birth Certificate (Rodden Rating: AA)

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                                        Sophie's (autistic child ) 8th harmonic chart


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