November 16, 2012

Combinations : Uranus-Neptune-Pluto

Uranus=Neptune/Pluto ( UR=NE/PL )

Ebertin : A propensity and a flair for unusual, adventurous, mystical and supernatural experiences. - Hyper-sensitive nerves. - Peculiar discoveries.

Munkasey : Emphasizes unusual means to escape from or change reality ; rebellion against artificial supports or pursuits ; adds to impersonal attitudes about any destructive or antisocial activities ; tendencies to go to extremes with drugs.

Witte : Sudden disappear or appear again. A slow and snaking development is suddenly interrupted or pushed ahead with a jar. Revolutionary development which suddenly takes on form.

Elrewine : Deep insights / Mystic eyes. Meaning : Insight into the dark night of the soul and the human condition. Discovering how to first accept life, in order to transform it. Relational : Seeing ways to transformation in relationships, through deeper acceptance.

not example case for the time being

Neptune=Uranus/Pluto ( NE=UR/PL )

Ebertin : A sympathetic understanding of other people, the knowledge of human nature, deep study of a subject of special interest, the inclination to  delve into the Supernatural Realms. - Insecurity and uncertainty, unfulfilled wishes, fatigue, nervous diseases ( neuroses ).

Munkasey : you spend much time with your own dreams of what reality is and how the non-physical and physical worlds operate ; you enjoy astrology and the occult ; you desire to use computers and new age sciences to assist you.

Witte : sudden commencing of development which cannot be judged as to duration, direction and process. The step into the unknown.

Elrewine : Churning / Forced change. Put another way : being accepting of the forces of change. Deep spiritual acceptance. The occultist. Relational : Accepting deep changes in a relationship.

chart and example case :
Elizabeth Clare Prophet - ( New Age ) Religious Leader / Guru - Epilepsy - Alzheimer's disease

Pluto=Uranus/Neptune ( PL=UR/NE )

Ebertin : A person who is influenced or impressed very easily by others. The inclination to remain at the mercy of external conditions and circumstances without trying to make a firm stand. - The abandonment of resistance, the necessity to give in, great losses, calamities, catastrophes.

Munkasey : Inspirations for ideas which can change the world which you associate ; the extreme destruction caused by disagreements or rebelliousness of those around you ; your closeness with important religious leaders.

Witte : development of occult matters or of occult forces.

Elrewine : Driven together / Force of change. Meaning : Taking the new-age philosophy too far or too seriously -- compulsive development of new spiritual ideas, forced change. The future wagging the present.Relational : A relationship based on shared values and common goals. Fervent working together.

chart and example case :
Whitley Strieber : paranormal experiences

also :  Terence McKenna

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