December 11, 2012

Timothy Leary : The Man Who Turned On America

Timothy Francis Leary (October 22, 1920 – May 31, 1996) was an American psychologist and writer, known for his advocacy of psychedelic drugs. During a time when drugs such as LSD and psilocybin were legal, Leary conducted experiments at Harvard University under the Harvard Psilocybin Project, resulting in the Concord Prison Experiment and the Marsh Chapel Experiment. Both studies produced useful data, but Leary and his associate Richard Alpert were fired from the university nonetheless. Leary believed LSD showed therapeutic potential for use in psychiatry. He popularized catchphrases that promoted his philosophy such as "turn on, tune in, drop out"; "set and setting"; and "think for yourself and question authority". He also wrote and spoke frequently about transhumanist concepts involving space migration, intelligence increase and life extension (SMI²LE), and developed the eight-circuit model of consciousness in his book Exo-Psychology (1977)...

...During the 1960s and 1970s, he was arrested often enough to see the inside of 29 different prisons worldwide. President Richard Nixon once described Leary as "the most dangerous man in America"...

source and additional information :    wikipedia : Timothy Leary

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video : BBC : Timothy Leary -- The Man Who Turned On America

Dr. Timothy Leary interview-LSD (Merv Griffin Show 1966)

                                                       natal chart of Timothy Leary

    Date     |        Orcus    |     Ixion    |     Varuna    |      Haumea    |     Quaoar    |    Makemake   |    Eris     |    Sedna    |
23 Oct 1920  |  6 ta 29 Rx | 17 vi  1    | 16 pi 46 Rx |   24 cn 32    |  2 vi 52    | 18 ge 11 Rx | 28 pi 30 Rx | 13 ar 35 Rx

From Astro-Databank,,_Timothy , source: Birth Certificate (Rodden Rating: AA)

                                                           main planetary pictures







                                                      Timothy Leary's 90 degree dial

                                                     Timothy Leary's 10th harmonic chart

                                                    Timothy Leary's 20th harmonic chart

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