April 27, 2013

Lucky winner ( lottery ) : case no 3 ( Fred Drago )

Police Officer Fred Drago's sudden fortune arrived on April 30, 1982 when he entered a local McDonald's restaurant for a hamburger, fries and coffee. He left with a game ticket worth $500,000 stuck in his gun belt...source : Kentucky New Era : Google news archive search

data : August 1,1929,  5:30 AM CST +6:00 Mobile, AL

Purchased winning ticket: April 30, 1982 at 3:30 pm

 Location of purchased ticket: CDT 88w07, 30n41

source : Lois Rodden's book : Money : How to find it with Astrology

                                        natal chart of lottery winner Fred Drago

    Date          |  Orcus    |    Ixion    |   Varuna    |   Haumea    |   Quaoar    |  Makemake   |    Eris     |    Sedna   
07 Aug 1929  | 24 ta 53    | 24 vi 15    |  2 ar  3 Rx |     2 le 20    | 11 vi 35    |    28 ge 44    |  1 ar 55 Rx | 16 ar 50 Rx |

notes : the Moon ( Scorpio, 3rd house, ruler of the 12th) trine ( tight) Venus (Cancer, 11th house, ruler of the 10th)

Jupiter ( Gemini, 10th house, ruler of the 5th) sextile (exact) Uranus (Aries, 8th house, ruler of the 7th)

the Sun ( Leo, ruler of the 1st) conjuncts the Ascendant in Leo and square the Midheaven in Taurus

Mercury ( Leo, 1st house, ruler of the 2nd and 11th houses) conjunction (exact)  Neptune ( Virgo, 1st house, ruler of the 8th ). Notice the second of the main planetary pictures below.

Mars, Saturn and the Moon involved in a tight hard aspect configuration including  the 2nd and 5th houses.

                                                                         main planetary pictures

                                     MO=MA=SA=ME/PL=VE/JU= ( JU/UR) = NE/PL
                                                           note : JU/UR out of orb


                                              90 degree dial of lottery winner Fred Drago

                           Fred Drago's Solar Return chart cast for the date of lottery win
                  notice : A - the placement of S.R Venus in conjunction to the natal 2nd  house cusp.

                                B -  the placement of S.R Midheaven in opposition to natal Jupiter

                          C- the S.R Moon-Neptune conjunction in conjunction to the natal 5th house cusp

                             Fred Drago's Solar Arc chart cast for the date of lottery win

notes : S.A Midheaven conjunction natal Venus

S.A Ascendant and  the Sun trine natal Jupiter

S.A Venus conjuncts the natal Mercury-Neptune conjunction

Fred Drago's secondary progressions and transit  chart cast for the date of lottery win 

notice : A - the movement of progressed Ascendant and Midheaven in relation to natal Venus

B - the movement of progressed Sun and the Moon in relation to natal Jupiter ( trines)  and the 8th house Uranus ( oppositions)

C -  the exact sextile of progressed Venus to the natal Moon ( activation of the natal trine between the two planetary bodies )

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