June 8, 2013

Team of serial killers' case study : the "Monster of Montmarte" ( part 1 ) - natal and relocated charts + 90 degree dials

Known as the "Old Ladies Killers" and the "Monster of Montmarte" these two men terrorized elderly Parisian ladies in the district of Montmarte from 1984 to 1987. 

 Paulin Thierry, a native of Guyana, was a black transvestite drug addict with dyed platinum blonde hair. His boy toy, Jean Thierry Mathurin -- a waiter from the Caribbean island of Martinique -- was eventually charged as an accomplice in nine of the 21 sadistic slayings committed by the transvestite killer...

...All victims were old women ranging from 60 to 95, living alone in Montmarte. In all cases, they were attacked at the moment they opened their door on their way back from the market. Inside their apartments, the women were tortured, bound with electrical chord, gagged and beaten, strangled, stabbed or smothered to death. The apartment was then ransacked in search of money and other valuables...

.... Paulin and Mathurin left Paris and went to Toulosse where they hung out in gay clubs, did tons of coke and ended up separating after a fight...Back in Paris Paulin severely beat his drug dealer who tried to cheat him. The man called the cops and got Paulin arrested and sentenced to 16 months in jail...

...In 1987 he was freed for good behavior and was back on the streets drug dealing. In a pre Dennis Rodman fashion statement, he started wearing earrings and dyed his hair platinum blonde. Never one to slack, by November he started killing old ladies again at his usual breakneck pace. The weekend of his 24th birthday he killed three old ladies. Another grandmother he left for dead was able to give the cops a description of her assailant.
Obviously, a black man with platinum blonde hair and earrings was not hard to find. On December 1, 1987 a cop recognized him on the street and arrested him. Once in custody Paulin panicked and fingered his old pal Jean-Thierry Mathurin as an accomplice...

  ...Paulin knew he had AIDS since 1985. On March 10, 1989, his health took a turn to the worse. He died the night of April 16 of AIDS related complications. His trial was never concluded so he was never found guilty of the crimes he committed. However, there is no doubt in the minds of French authorities that he was the "Monster of Montmartre."

sourcetrue crime library : Paulin-Mathurin

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wikipedia : Thierry Paulin       video 1 : Mathurin's trial 

video 2 : death of Thierry Paulin ( in French )

                                                       Paulin Thierry's natal chart
       Date |          Orcus |      Ixion |     Varuna |     Haumea | Quaoar | Makemake |    Eris |     Sedna |
 27 Nov 1963 | 12 cn 58 Rx | 28 li 35 | 21 ta 8 Rx | 4 vi 27 | 23 li 36 | 7 le 33 Rx | 10 ar 1 Rx | 28 ar 27 R 
 from Astro-Databank, www.astro.com/astro-databank/ , source: Birth Certificate (Rodden Rating: AA) 
                                                                   main planetary pictures
                            [ including 16th harmornic series aspects ( = MC=NN ) ]

                                  MA=MO/SA=MO/NE=JU/UR=JU/PL= PL/MC


                                                    Paulin Thierry's  90 degree dial
                                   Paulin Thierry's natal chart ( relocated to Paris, France )
important note : Pluto is transferred to IC's degree gaining additional strength.

Mathurin, Jean-Thierry

                                                              natal chart

        Date    |     Orcus     |  Haumea |  Quaoar |     Makemake  |   Eris   |   Sedna      Ixion    |      Varuna |        
 26 Dec 1965 | 14 cn 48 Rx | 0 sc 55 | 23 ta 27 Rx | 6 vi 9 Rx | 26 li 26  | 9 le 25 Rx  | 10 ar 25 Rx | 29 ar 8 Rx 

 From Astro-Databank, www.astro.com/astro-databank/ , source: Birth Certificate (Rodden Rating: AA)
                                                  main planetary pictures
                           interconnected through 16th harmonic aspect series with                 



                                           Mathurin, Jean-Thierry's  90 degree dial 

             Mathurin, Jean-Thierry's  natal chart relocated to Paris, France

important notes : 1- the Moon transferred near to the Ascendant's degree. Additional emphasis is given to the first planetary picture  [ AS=MO=VE/S(MA/SA)=MA/UR=MA/PL=MA/CH]. 
2- Mercury transferred near to the Midheanen's degree. Extra strength to Saturn's placement ( Mercury-Saturn-Mideheaven )

 for the second part of the post please follow the link below : 

 the "Monster of Montmarte" ( part 2 ) - Composite charts...

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