April 5, 2014

Combinations : Jupiter - Uranus - Pluto

 Jupiter= Uranus/Pluto ( JU=UR/PL )

Ebertin : Social Aspirations ( striving for social improvements ), the pursuits of philosophical or religious objectives. -The attainment of immense successes.

Munkasey : Adds an insight into legal and political processed which you use for expressing your ideas about reform and change ; an excess of strong feelings about imposing change in major ways into the many various paths of life.

Witte : Sudden fortunate change.

Erlewine : Ever changing. Success in change. Meaning : Powerful success in transforming one's environment. Successful revolution. A carrier of deep insight into psychology. Depth psychology.
 Relational : Successful ever changing ( deep changes ) relationships.

 Uranus=Jupiter/Pluto ( UR=JU/PL )

Ebertin : Fanatical striving for improvements, the quick exploitation of every situation. - A sudden reform, a quick development, an adjustment to new circumstances.

Munkasey : Sudden and unexpected interference to plans for advancing in society ; The exceptional and unusual situation blocks your way and upsets you ; you rebel against society and seek to start your own clique of influential friends.

Witte : A surprisingly fortunate change, transformation or development.

Erlewine : Sudden change / New directions. Meaning : the urge for new ways to succeed -- alternate paths for success. Revolution. Transforming society. Also, insights into the psych. Psychoanalysis. Relational : Sudden changes or insights into relationships. 

 Pluto=Jupiter/Uranus ( PL=JU/UR)

Ebertin : An unusual striving for knowledge and understanding, a strong awareness of purpose or of objective in life, a far-seeing creative activity. - A sudden change in financial circumstances.

Munkasey :  Extreme efforts to produce novel or original changes in life ; devices with the potential to transform the world ; extreme reworking of your designs or ideas to ensure they will work properly and be received correctly.

Witte :  Sudden beginning of a fortunate development.

Erlewine : Persuasive / Path of deep knowledge. Meaning : Compulsive drive to break out of the norm and to succeed. A career in depth psychology. Successful, but perhaps ruthless, politician.  Big business. Public success. Occult knowledge, learning and study. Relational : Unusual, but perhaps overbearing in relationships. Persuasive.

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