November 3, 2012

Audrey Santo's case : Accident : near drowning - Akinetic mutism - ( religious nature ) Paranormal Phenomena

Audrey Marie Santo (December 19, 1983 - April 14, 2007), often referred to as Little Audrey by pilgrims to her home, was an American young woman from Worcester, Massachusetts through whom miracles were said to have happened during her lifetime.

On August 9, 1987, when Audrey was three years old (while playing in the driveway with Stephen, her brother), she fell into the family swimming pool. Audrey recovered but was rushed to the hospital, remaining in a coma for about three weeks, in intensive care with 24-hour attention. When she awoke from the coma, she remained in a state called Akinetic Mutism — non-speaking and limited movement (unable to move except for fingers and eyes). Her family was recommended to place her in an institution. Audrey’s mother Linda, felt that she would receive better care being home with her family. In November, four months following the accident, Audrey was brought home...

 Audrey's parents claimed miracles in the home including icons weeping blood or oil, a bleeding statue of Jesus, consecrated hosts bleeding, blood appearing spontaneously in a tabernacle, oil dripping down the walls of the garage, and the Virgin Mary appearing in cloud formations overhead

...Audrey Santo died from cardio-respiratory failure on April 14, 2007 in her home. Family, friends, and clergy were at her side...

source and more information : wikipedia : Audrey Santo

also : Miracles or Deception? The Pathetic Case of Audrey Santo

The strange case of Audrey Santo

Diocese Issues Interim Findings on Miraculous Claims

                                                       natal chart of Audrey Santo

    Date     |     Orcus    |      Ixion    |      Varuna    |   Haumea    |     Quaoar    |    Makemake   |    Eris     |    Sedna    |
22 Dec 1983  |  5 le  1 Rx | 18 sc  1    | 18 ge 10 Rx | 22 vi 27 Rx | 17 sc 57    | 29 le 19 Rx | 14 ar 49 Rx |  7 ta 12 Rx

From Astro-Databank,,_Audrey , source: Birth Certificate (Rodden Rating: AA)

                                                         main planetary pictures

                                   in parenthesis : using 16th harmonic series angles

                               in parenthesis : Venus out of orb but worth mentioning

                                                        Audrey Santo's 90 degree dial

Near drowning is the survival of a drowning event involving unconsciousness or water inhalation and can lead to serious secondary complications, including death, after the event.

Akinetic mutism: Damage to parts of the brain (e.g. demyelinization and hydrocephalus) which results in a person being unable to talk or move despite the fact that they appear alert at times.

The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Akinetic mutism includes the 4 symptoms listed below:
                                                Audrey Santo's 4th harmonic chart
               Audrey Santo's natal, progressions and transit for the day of the accident ( August 9, 1987 )

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