December 22, 2013

Fatal Accident case study : severe thermal burns

Flesher Moses : American employee of C&H Sugar Co in Crockett, CA. During processing, the hot sugar goes through pipes. On 10/03/1986, c. 3:00 PM, one of the pipes became congested so Flesher went up on a ladder to unclog it. The supervisor did not stop the sugar flow as regulations required for safety's sake. When Flesher unclogged the pipe it burst and the 150 degree hot sugar spilled out. Flesher lost his balance on the ladder and fell into the sugar, suffering 3rd degree thermal burns over 80% of his body. He died a week later, on 10/10/1986, Crockett, Ca.

                              3rd degree thermal burns case : natal chart with midpoints 

   Date  |        Orcus    |         Ixion    |      Varuna    |     Haumea    |   Quaoar    |  Makemake   |     Eris     |    Sedna    |
7 Dec 1942  |  14 ge 51 Rx |  9 li  9    | 19 ar 50 Rx | 15 le 38 Rx | 29 vi  7    | 13 cn 48 Rx |  4 ar 29 Rx | 20 ar 26 Rx |

  From Astro-Databank,,_Moses  , source: Birth Certificate (Rodden Rating: AA)

                                                       main planetary pictures
the above mentioned basic planetary picture is strongly connected through 16th harmonic series aspects to the following  :

                                             other significant planetary picture :

                                     3rd degree thermal burns case : 90 degree dial 

                                 3rd degree thermal burns case : Solar Return chart
                                             S.R Pluto opposites S.R Ascendant
                              S.R Mars squares S.R Midheaven ( S.R Mars = S.R Sun/Moon )
                      S.R Mercury - Venus - Saturn triple conjunction near the 8th house cusp
              3rd degree thermal burns case :  inner circle natal - outer circle Solar Return
                               S.R Pluto conjuncts natal Moon and Ascendant
                         S.R Mars in the natal 12th house sesquisquares natal Saturn in the 8th natal
                  the S.R Mercury-Venus- Saturn triple conjunction in opposition to natal Uranus

3rd degree thermal burns case :  chart of  progressions + transits cast for the date of the accident
observations : The progressed Moon - Mars opposition across the 2nd-8th axis houses activates the two main planetary pictures : AS=MO=PL=SU/NE=ME/NE=VE/NE=MA/JU &

( additional reinforcement ) : transiting Pluto conjuncts the natal placement of the Moon activating the natal square between the two planets. Notice also the position of transiting Chiron in conjunction to progressed placement of the Moon )

* a Solar Eclipse takes place during the date of the accident in conjunction to the natal 12th house cusp. 

additional information : Traditionally thermal injuries were classified as first, second or third degree burns. Nowadays many doctors describe burns according to their thickness (superficial, partial and full). The signs and symptoms experienced by a burn victim depend largely on the severity of the burn and the number of layers of skin that are affected....

 Full thickness or third degree burn
  • Most severe burn and involves all layers of skin – epidermis and dermis
  • Nerve endings, small blood vessels, hair follicles, sweat glands are all destroyed
  • Subcutaneous fat tissue, muscle and bone may also be involved in very severe burns
  • Burns are painless with no sensation to touch, skin is pearly white or charred, dry and may appear leathery
source -thermal-burns

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