January 5, 2014

Philippe Croizon's case ( part 1 ) - the accident : electric shock- multiple limb amputations

Philippe Croizon : French athlete and the first quadruple amputee to swim across the English Channel. His amputations were required due to a severe electric shock accident which occurred on 5th March 1994. At the time, Croizon was employed as a steelworker at Fonderie du Poitou, 26 years old and married, with one son; his wife was expecting a second child. At his home in Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse, Vienne, while standing on a metal ladder on the roof to work on a television antenna, Croizon received a severe electric shock from a high-voltage power line which earthed (grounded) through the ladder, to which he became adhered. Twenty minutes passed before a neighbor could raise the alarm. He was hospitalized in Tours, where doctors removed his left arm above the elbow, his right arm below the elbow, then his right leg above the knee. Surgeons had thought that the left leg could be saved, but when that also required removal, Croizon reported feeling "despair".

                                  Philippe Croizon's natal chart ( basic configurations)
                                           Philippe Croizon's natal chart with midpoints 
     Date     |       Orcus    |          Ixion    |     Varuna    |     Haumea    |     Quaoar    |    Makemake   |     Eris     |     Sedna    |
15 Mar 1968  |  15 cn 52 Rx |  2 sc 42 Rx | 26 ta 11    |  6 vi 44 Rx | 28 li 39 Rx |    10 le 12 Rx |   11 ar 24    |  0 ta 14    |

 From Astro-Databank, http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Croizon,_Philippe , source: Birth Certificate (Rodden Rating: AA)
                                                               main planetary pictures

                                                     Philippe Croizon's 9 degree dial
                       Philippe Croizon's progression and transits for the date of the accident

                                              chart 1 : the Mars - Uranus effect ( electric shock )

                             1 - progressed Sun conjuncts natal Mars ( activation of the main
                               planetary picture : AS=MO=MA=JU/PL=UR/NE=NE/PL )

                            2 - transiting Uranus squares natal Mars ( second activation of the
                            same picture )

                            3 - progressed Mars sesquisquares natal Uranus 
                            4 - progressed Mars semisquares the Sun/Chiron natal conjunction 
                              ( activation of the Sun/Chiron - Uranus natal opposition )

                 Philippe Croizon's progression and transits for the date of the accident

                      chart 2 : the  Mercury - Saturn effect ( multiple limb amputations )
                                  1 -  progressed Mercury conjuncts natal Saturn
                                  2 -  transiting Mars and Pluto form exact 8th harmonic series
                                        angles to natal Saturn 
                                  3 - progressed Saturn semisquares natal Mercury
                                  4 - transiting Saturn conjuncts natal Mercury
                                  5 - transiting Chiron opposes natal Mercury

                                 Philippe Croizon's natal vs Solar Return chart for 1993-1994

 observations :
1-  S.R Moon - Saturn in exact conjunction near the S.R 3rd house cusp squared by S.R Pluto close to S.R 12th house cusp. Strong connection to the Jupiter-Neptune natal square.

2 - S.R Ascendant in the 1st natal house squares natal Uranus

3- S.R Midheaven opposes natal Mars
4 - S.R Midheaven squares S.R Uranus

5 - S.R Mars squares natal Saturn
6 - S.R Mercury semisquares natal Mars

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