June 28, 2016

Brexit : astrological analysis

United Kingdom, January 1, 1801 Greenwich, 00:00 am

Source 1 : "...It is cast for the moment of the coming into force of the Act for the Union of Great Britain and Ireland and appears still to be a figure possessing much significance for British affairs." ( Charles E. O. Carter - An Introduction to Political Astrology). 

Source 2 : "...I have found that this horoscope is the most useful for the United Kingdom." ( Nicholas Campion - The Book of World Horoscopes )

configuration A 

Progressed Sun at 11 Leo 31 in opposition to progressed MC at 10 Aqua 06 across the 11th-5th house axis. Pr. Sun and the MC entered the 5th/11th axis in 2012 during the Olympic Games in London. What is important right now is that both progressed horoscopic factors form square aspects to the natal placement of Mars at 11 Tau 46 in the 8th natal house. Taurus is the natural 2th house consequently a Mars in Taurus in the 8th house is all about economy, financials, common possessions, and the "what belongs to me and what to you" attitude. Mars under affliction implies anger and aggressiveness, fights and quarrels.  Especially an afflicted Mars in this placement symbolises a general climate of anger over financial issues and a strong inclination to fight and demand what we think that belongs to us ( Taurus) by others ( 8th house) ( = We want our country back ) 

configuration B

Progressed Moon at 15 Gem 31 in almost perfect conjunction with the progressed Ascendant at 15 Gem 29 both moving in Gemini and in the 9th house. In a national chart both Gemini ( the natural 3rd house) and the 9th house are associated with “public opinion” and a referendum is the ultimate expression of the public opinion. The Moon-Ascendant connection in this position implies that at the moment the expression of the population of the country ( Ascendant) is strongly influenced by their emotions ( the Moon). The sign of Gemini now implies dualism, two directions/roads ( = the referendum revieled a division of the population into groups of 2, “the young and the old”, “the workers and the elit”, the “English and the Scottish” etc. ) 

Now, both progressed Moon and the Ascendant form trines to the natal Venus in Aquarius and the 5th house. I believe that in real life terms this is manifested in the following way. The “first Gemini”, the “winners” celebrate ( 5th house) the independence ( Aquarius) of their country from the “dictatorship” of the E.U while the “second Gemini”, those who “lost”, express in any possible way their “love” ( Venus in 5th house) for the E.U which they perceive as a progressive Friends ( Aquarius )

* notice that the New Moon of June  took place at 14 Gem 53 in conduction to the Pr. Moon - Pr. Ascendant connection. 

configuration C

That’s very important. The progressed North Node ( Moon’s Nodes) in the U.K’ s chart has moved backwards and is currently positioned in the 2nd degree of Aries ( 1 Ari 19 ) near the Aries Point opposing the U.K’s natal Uranus at 1 Libra 54 in the 12th house. It is my conviction that  Ebertin was absolutely right in his claim that in a horoscope the Moon’s Nodes are associated with “ large groups of people, alliances, societies, blood-ties, and related people”… Uranus is about sudden changes, reforms, rebellion, dissolutions and breakups.  Progressed North Node opposition Uranus in Libra in the 12th house ( = unconscious fears and forces leading towards disturbances/breakups of close relationships within a Union of related people). The connection with the Aries Point indicates that those “disturbanses” could have a “global impact”. And of course the big problem here is that the U.K is a Union of related people too. 

* Notice that the Full Moon 3 days before the referendum took place at 29 Vir 33 closely conducting the pr. position of the U.K’s Uranus ( 29 Vir 17 ). This Full Moon activated the Solar Eclipse of which took place in March 2015 at 29 Pis 33. 

configuration D

A somehow general but very important observation. Look at the concentration of progressed planets in the sign of Leo in the 11th natal house. Progressed Sun in the 12th degree of Leo, pr. Jupiter in the 15th degree of Leo, pr. Mercury in retrograde motion in the 16th degree of Leo and also the pr. Midheaven in the 11th degree of Aquarius ( natural 11th house). The 11th house is about hopes, new plans, expectations for the future etc. In political astrology the 11th house is related to the political scene of the country since political parties and politicians are those expressing the dreams, hopes and expectations of the people. So, what do we here now ? A concentration of planets involving Jupiter in the 11th house which express themselves through the sign of Leo. Jupiter in Leo in the 11th… Great Expectations… and political parties/politicians which express them ( = make Britain great again ! ).  There are two “issues” though here. The first issue is  that the 11th house does not guarantee that those expectations will be fulfilled, it is not an angular house and Leo is not a practical earthy sign. The second issue is that this planetary concentration takes place in the middle of the Mars-Neptune natal opposition in Scorpio/Taurus across the 2nd/8th house axis. Pr. Mercury and Jupiter square the pr. position of Neptune right now. In my opinion that implies that most of those expectations are just great lies based on fantasy and that there are political parties and politicians in the political scene of the U.K  leading the people on the wrong way.


European Union (Treaty of Rome) : January 1st, 1958 - 00:01, Brussels, Belgium

Source: "The EEC came into existence at 00.00 hrs on 1 January 1958. " Chart calculated "for the administrative capital, Brussels." Campion, "The Book of World Horoscopes," p. 478.

analysis of the E.U chart ( 1958 Treaty of Rome chart )

Progressions - main configurations

Configuration A 

The configuration A refers to the most important influences in the E.U chart explaining much of the current events in the European continent.  In astrological terms the main reason describing the general state of things as well as the explosive events in Europe during the last years  is the hyper-activation of the exact natal square between the  Moon at 10 Tau 23 in the 8th house and Uranus in 10 Leo 49 in the 11th house. The Moon-Uranus square becomes even more important because it involves the Moon’s Nodes ( Moon opposition North Node) 

On one hand we have Uranus in the natal 11th house ( its natural house) an influence that promotes  altruism, humanism, solidarity and any progressive idea for a better world.  On the other hand we have the Moon in Taurus and in the 8th house. The Moon in Taurus in the 8th strives for security ( mainly material/financial), peace, comfort and permanence. The same placement implies a powerful sense of “belonging”, deep emotional connection with our possessions as well as a strong form of (usually) healthy conservatism. Unfortunately those two horoscopic factors form an almost perfect square to each other and this creates great tension within the Union. In real life terms Uranus in the 11th is represented by the  followers of the “progressive left”, liberals, and in its extreme form by radicals and rebels. Those are the forces promoting what has been known as “Globalisation”. The Moon in Taurus now is represended  by the followers of the “ right wing conservatism”  patriots, nationalists, and in its  extreme form by fascists/neonazis, those are the forces that reject “Globalization”. The political tension in Europe during the last couple of years  is the result of the conflict between those two powerful forces. 

The movement of the progressed Ascendant currently positioned at 10 Sco 23 ( 2nd natal house) in perfect opposition to E.U’s natal Moon and in exact square aspect to the natal Uranus gives the answer to the question “ why all this happened during the last 2-3 years?”. In mundane astrology the Ascendant represents the people of the country ( in E.U’s case  the peoples consisting the Union ). That means that at the current moment the entire European population is somehow forced to participate in this Moon-Uranus “internal conflict” that was present since the birth of the Union. 

Even more important than the progression of the Ascendant is the progressed movement of Saturn. The planet is currently positioned at 24 Sag 41 approaching the natal placement of Mercury ( 26 Sag 49)  being at the same time in the middle of the natal Moon-Uranus square ( forming sesquisquare aspects to both planets).  The basic symbolism of Saturn involves restrictions, limitations, discipline, formation of systems and structures, obstacles etc. Now, Saturn in the natal 3rd in Sagitarius ( natural 9th) conjuncting natal Mercury implies first of all that the bureaucratic character of the E.U will become even stronger in the following years. Communication within the E.U will become even slower and more difficult and decisions will need even more time to be taken. This configuration clearly states that there will be hard restrictions in the people’s movement within Europe ( Saturn conjunct Mercury in the 3rd) and hard legal limitations on issues of immigration ( Saturn in Sagittarius). The afflictions of both the Moon and Uranus by the progression of Saturn also indicate restrictions to those protecting human rights and promoting solidarity, freedom of movement etc ( pr. Saturn sesquisquare natal Uranus). At the same time financial insecurity ( pr. Saturn sesquisquare natal Moon in Taurus/8th) will continue to spread within the Union. 

configuration B

the configuration B refers to the positions of the E.U’s Ascendant and Midheaven in the last ( critical ) degrees of Virgo and Gemini respectively. The fact that the most important sensitive points in the E.U’s chart are positioned on those degrees is not coincidental at all. The E.U is a bureaucratic/ economic ( Virgo-Gemini) organisation meant to be gradually transformed to a great transnational union/family ( Libra/Cancer). The fact that the E.U didn’t manage to do this during the decades which the Ascendant was progressing through the sign of Libra ( natural 7th house=Union) is really disappointing since it implies that the E.U will continue to stay for a long time what has always been, a bureaucratic organization. 

* Notice the placement of the Full Moon of June in the last degree of Virgo ( 29 Vir 33)  in almost perfect conjunction to the Ascendant in the E.U’s chart.  As we have already said this Full Moon triggered the Solar Eclipse of March 2015 at 29 Pis 27 which took place exactly at the Descendant in the chart of the E.U. 

configuration C 

progressed Moon at 27 Gem 55 in the 9th house trines natal Jupiter at 28 Lib 35 while approaching natal Midheaven and its square to natal Ascendant. The Moon in Gemini is about dualism, in the 9th house implies a double “message”. On one hand the pr. Moon squaring the Ascendant indicates that a part of the European population ( Asc) has been emotionally alienated ( Moon square) from the Union something which become very visible by the result of the referendum in the U.K. On the other hand those same results created a wave of sympathy towards Europe by people recognizing  its great value for the world ( pr. Moon trine Jupiter in Libra/2nd house) something that was shown in  the results of the elections in Spain.

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